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Setting Up Your Farm’s Website

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Create a Website for Your Ag Businesssetting up your farm's website

This is the first entry to build a website for your farm or ag business. As we discussed in Why to start your own website, we are going to start with a free site in order to 1. learn the basics of running a site 2. you don’t have the pressure to make it look professional while you are learning 3. when you are ready to have a self-hosted site you will be able to make changes without depending on a developer 4. sense of pride in creating your business’s home on the web.

Also we are going to make this a website with a blog instead of a basic blog. We’ll be setting your site up with a static home page, blog page, about page, and contact page. These pages are the minimum that a business should include on their website.

Signing up for wordpress

Go to and fill out this form:

start website form

build your site form

You will be sent an email with a link to your brand, spankin’ new website. In the future if you just type in the address and include /wp-admin will take you to the login page. Then to your dashboard where all your controls are located. Your website will look very generic. We have to change some of the default settings before we start posting.

Settings & Pages

  • Click Settings —> General: Change the tagline to a short sentence or phrase that describes your business. Change any of the rest of the settings as you prefer.
  • Settings –> Size of the post box, put in 40 lines. This will show you more of your post as your are writing it.
  • Page –> Add New –>Give it the title Home, down the page uncheck the two boxes under discussion –>Page Attributes under template select front page template, under order type in 1 –> click publish
  • Page –> Add New –> Give it the Title Blog –> Order type in 2 –>Publish
  • Page –> edit About –> Order type in 3 –> Update
  • Page –>Add New –> Give it the title Contact –> Order type in 4 –> Publish
  • Settings –> Reading –> Front Page displays – choose static page and select Home for front page and Blog as posts page. Save Changes
  • Appearance –> Widgets notice there is a main widget area and Front page widget area– Under Main area start with Catagories, About Me, Follow Blog — under Front page start with About me, Twitter, Facebook like

Off to a Good Start

This will get our sites ready for posting, adding images and information. Remember this is a free platform; so we are somewhat limited to what we can add to the site. But many a blogger have used for a number of years and have got along quite well. And we are learning the “ropes” to prepare us for going self-hosted.

Next we will take a look at the different themes and choose one that would be suitable for you. Then we’ll get to the fun stuff of adding a header and publishing posts.

Have questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

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