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Starting a blog can be very intimidating. With all the choices and technical details to learn, it can stop anyone in their tracks. So why not let someone set up your blog for you.


Are you ready to move up to a self hosted blog for more control and better design options? But you find it daunting to figure out how to join a domain name with a hosting account and blog platform? You can let someone do that for you.

I really want to help farmers to start a blog or rejuvenate their blogging habits. If the burden of setting up a blog is getting in the way of anyone starting, I want this post to help you move past this stumbling block. It’s as simple as letting someone else do these beginning tasks so you can get to publishing posts and putting your information out there.

Bob and Jonathan at Blogging Your Passion do this very thing. The will

  1. Set up hosting for your blog on your server
  2. Install the latest version of WordPress
  3. Make key SEO tweaks to your WordPress blog
  4. Install some plugins that they find most helpful

They do this for you for free while earning a commission from the web host you create an account with. A host you need for a self hosted blog. I have taken classes with Bob and Jonathan for four months this year and have no reservations in making this recommendation for their services.

Follow their 4 steps to set up your site. So you can get to blogging.

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