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Stop the Excuses; Start Blogging

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Before you can Speed Blog, you have to actually have a blog. Luckily for everyone wishing to start blogging, it is so easy. And if you have an ag business, you really can’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough time. I have considered writing about how to start a blog, but when I saw the following infographic I knew I had to share it. I mean why reinvent the wheel, right? So give your ag business a boost into the 21 century and start a blog/website.

How about this: You go start your farm blog by following these steps. If you run into difficulties, use my Contact Page and I’ll do my best to help you out. I have full confidence that you can do it.

How To Build A Free Business Blog [Infographic]


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5 Reasons Why Farmers Should Blog
Faith, Family, Friends, Farm and Fun
Blogging is Like Playing the Guitar



  • farmnwife

    @mpaynknoper thanks for the RT


    @farmnwife is there someway to measure the effectiveness of blogs? Track blog to see who is reading?

    • farmnwife

      @JYJ_BEEF I’m on the road but the short answer is google analytics

    • farmnwife

      @JYJ_BEEF will get u more info later