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Stuck For Blog Post Ideas?

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stuck for post ideasNeed Some Inspiration?

The blank screen with the blinking cursor can be intimidating at times. We need a little prodding to jumpstart a blog post.  This infographic can give you a bunch of directions to get started. All the suggestions listed might not apply to you but most of them can definitely trigger more ideas if you give it some thought. #6 and 7 can be very quick posts since they are about your opinion and would require very little to no research.

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22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic

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  • It’s all too easy to get put of by the ideas passing through your mind while your out at work about the farm, but I find that it’s important to pin down one idea, no matter how small a subject matter, and  get writing about it.
    To start to write on too wide a subject is over whelming, life after all  is made up of short periods of time lumped together, be it seconds , minutes , hours or days, its all just a part of a whole lifetime.

    • Owd Fred Hi, Fred. Good to see you. I agree totally. Narrowing it down to one thought or topic makes the writing so much easier.

  • Here’s a typical  60 second incident that too place a few years ago, (in UK) I blame the US Air force and here’s my chance to relate it back to folk over the pond. I will always remember it as it nearly frit the sh– out of me.

  • I haven’t hit a point yet that I don’t have any ideas on what to right about on my blog. But this is really helpful. They might be just little thing but they do trigger your imagination.