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Always Add Text To One Image In Every Post

always add textIf you haven’t noticed, almost every post on this site (besides featured farmer posts) has text added to the image. Even if there isn’t a formal picture, I add text to a background texture or color. I have some excellent reasons for doing this. You should consider it also.

1. Quickly see the post’s topic:

Even though the title of the post is usually the same wording, readers’ eyes are drawn first to the image. If it were just a picture of a person or thing, the reader might not get the idea of what the post is about. But adding the text will make it clear and quickly known.

2. More “Sharability”:

Compare these two images. If you were to see them on facebook or pinterest, would you know what the idea behind the on the left was?


adding text to images

That would be a “No”. You should think about your posts in a way that readers will want to share them. That would mean including images to posts. And beyond that: If it is shared, will those who see the share know what the idea is behind it to want to know more and click the image? This is why you add text!

Don’t add text to every image but choose one per post. Can you see if you had a recipe or how-to post a title would add to its “sharability”.

Now I want to share how I quickly add text to images remembering to keep the file size small for quick upload time. It doesn’t have to look perfect or done by a designer. You just want to get your idea understood.

If you don’t already use skitch, go get it now. It is the easiest/no-brainer way to add text. When it’s easy, it gets done. In this video I show you how to use skitch. I even use it on my iphone and ipad.


Now you’ll have posts that are ready and able to be spread around on facebook and printerest or anywhere else.

Make sure you have the pinterest button available on your posts. For users in your dashboard — settings — sharing.

Yes, you should go back and add text to old post images. (especially ones that are popular, recipes & how-to)