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Considering A Theme Update

New Themechoosing a new theme

WordPress’s latest update got me to thinkin. The updates always come with a new theme. The one being offered this time is called a magazine style theme. Most magazine styles just don’t work for bloggers and business site owners.  The main reason? It’s too busy. Many magazine styles cram as much text, pictures, videos, links ect. on the home page as possible. This creates a look that is crowded and messy; overwhelming the reader.

Studies have proven when too many choices are offered none are chosen. Site visitors are looking for information. You have seconds to show them what they are looking for or “poof” they’re gone. Having too much going on on your page will take precious time finding what they are looking for because of all the distractions.

You might be saying, “Hey, farmNwife. Your site is like that.” And you would be correct. That is one of the reasons I’m fixin’ to do a redesign of soon. The home page has way too many images, links, navigation bars …. It pretty much has everything and the kitchen sink above the fold.

Which Theme to Choose

I will be going with a more minimalist theme. Now, some magazine themes can be altered to be more minimalist like this one.

minimal magazine theme

I am leaning toward this “one, one, three” layout that I have been seeing. That is what I am officially calling it.

one one three

It allows for the visuals and plenty of the important information without over doing it. Here are a few examples with this layout:

one one three layout 1

one one three layout 2

I am not saying everyone should have this same layout theme. When you are ready to choose a new theme for your site, think of your readers. The theme should be eye appealing and easy to read. But most of all make it simple for them to find the information they are looking for. Please don’t clutter it up.

Tell Me: Are you thinking of a new site design?

How to Create a Link


Putting a link in your blog post

to share another site

A few new bloggers responded to an email about what they wanted to learn to do on their blog. Michael wanted to know how to make a link on his site to another source. We are all at different levels in our blogging walk. It’s good to take the time to help new bloggers out because someone helped us in the beginning.

Remember if you don’t want to wait for me to do a screencast on a topic, all you have to do is a search in google.

YouTube Preview Image

If you have a request for a tutorial, please leave it in the comments or contact page.  Subscribe for updates to be sent to your email in the sidebar. So you don’t miss the next one.

Ag is in Their Soul


Featured Farm Supporters

In my quest to find farm bloggers to be the next featured farmer on,  I have come across many, many wonderful blogs of men and women who are just as excited about agriculture as anyone who runs a tractor for a living. Most ,but not all, grew up on a family farm and moved on to another occupation. Some came to love ag later. I wanted to feature a few of them to show my gratitude for their blogging efforts in support of the ag industry and consumer education.

JPLovesCottonFirst, we have JPlovescotton. Janice grew up a city kid. While in college she was introduced to agriculture, namely cotton, and was hooked. Much of her blog is based around education of the cotton industry. Janice’s latest post is about the Current State of the US Cotton Crop. If you want the basics of cotton farming, you’ll want to read Cotton 101 where she compiled her series on the subject. Thanks, Janice, for your service in educating us on a unique branch of the agricultural industry.


I’m noAg Todayt sure what drew me to this next blogger’s site or what kept me reading it. Because of my short attention span, I usually don’t stick around a blog that doesn’t have many pictures. Ag Today doesn’t have much eye candy; but Warren keeps his posts short and to the point. I like that. He has held a variety of jobs but never lost his love for the family farm he grew up on and now manages. Click over to Ag Today and thank Warren for taking the time to support farmers.



Food & FarmingI just discovered Food & Farming Canada this past week. This blog actually inspired me to write this featured farm supporter post.  Besides it being a very eye appealing site, Lilian’s mission is “information and comment about the farming side of food – linking together the farmers who grow our food with the consumers who eat it”. Lilian sees the need to explain to the general public the where, how and why of farming in terms anyone can understand. Check out her blog. She is doing an amazing job.


Meat BloggerFinally, I had to include this blog: Meat Blogger. I would check out that site because of the name alone. Chris is a meat science specialist and professor at Penn State. He blogs about topics from the production to the consumption of meat. Being a beef producer, it is very interesting to read Chris’ point of view on the different aspects of the meat industry, especially the current hot topics. Take a few minutes to check out Meat Blogger. I’m sure after reading a few of his posts you’ll have some questions for him. Thanks, Chris for your work.


There you have just a sample of the wonderful people who are actively promoting farming and agriculture in their own way. They may not actually farm but they have ag in their soul. I would argue their involvement makes a much larger impact then a bunch of farmers tweeting about “agvocating” to mostly each other. So, Janice, Warren, Lilian, and Chris, I truly appreciate what you do for the agricultural industry. Thank you.


Tell me what you think. What farm supporters would you like to say thank you to?