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Improve Your Blog in 31 Days

Blog Motivation

31 days to build a better blog
March Group Deadline Feb. 29

After going through this workbook in January, I am convinced that a group setting is so much better than going alone.

  1. Accountability: Knowing others are expecting your participation is a great incentive to get things done.
  2. Multiple points of view: Getting input from people from around the country brings you valuable  view points that you may never have considered.
  3. Cheer Squad: Each blogger in the group wants to see all the other bloggers succeed.

How to join

Are you needing a little group motivation to step up on your blogging? This workbook is beneficial to any and all levels of bloggers. Here is how joining the 31 Days Ag Blog works: ( you must do all the steps)

  1. Purchase the workbook 31 Days To Build a Better Blog
  2. Come back here and use the contact page to let me know you have the book & wish to join the group
  3. You will receive an email inviting you to the facebook group of which you should gladly request to join (if you have not received the invitation you are not in the group yet)

I am keeping this simple because of the confusion from the January signup.

One last thing:

Membership will be limited to 20 bloggers. We will be reviewing everyone’s blog (voluntarily). Only so many blogs can be reviewed in a month’s time. Take this into consideration when deciding to join. Please only join the group if you are serious about participation and improving your blog.

Deadline is Feb. 29


What participants from the January group said:

Janice from JPLovesCotton

I signed up hoping that my travel and work schedule would allow me to participate…. well people, the enthusiasm level was infectious! HOW COULD I NOT FIND TIME? I just had to do it! Now I will openly tell you that by participating in #BlogChat for a long time, a lot of the info was familiar or things I had even accomplished, but I have been doing a lot of adds and updates. Some in the group are brand-new to blogging and others are like me, have been doing it a while — all of us are enjoying the small group dynamic and the trusted feedback (both constructive coaching and the positive feedback!).

Brenda from The Dairy Mom

Participating in the 31 Days Ag Blog group was a rewarding experience. The daily exercises provided motivation for me to refine my blog and make it more effective. I enjoyed interacting with the other participants in the group. We shared ideas, resources and helped each other become better bloggers. It does take time each day, but the results are worth it. If you are an ag blogger who just started a blog or have been blogging for several years, you will benefit from being involved in this group.

Robyn from The Ranch Wife Chronicles

31DBB was a very informational program for me.  It reinforced some blogging basics to help build a stronger foundation for my blog.
At the same time, 31DBB exposed me to some new ideas and techniques to help me improve and expand my blog.  Ideas that I still need to work on.  
I thought the program was well laid out and easy to understand.  Also, I got a lot out of the extra reading that paired with each day’s lesson. 
I found it helpful to have peer bloggers evaluate my blog and be available to correspond with during the program.  I think you, Judi, did a good job as our leader.  You have a very strong blog and techy background and were able to answer a variety of questions.  You also have a great eye for suggesting blog improvements.