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Help Your Ag Business Reach Target Audience

Tim at Ezy Milk sent me this message:

Hi Judi….. Love your enthusiasm and skills….. We just attended here in NZ. ¬†After a year or so on the market, we KNOW we have a very successful product. ¬† But, we are limited in our internet skills to reach a larger, targeted audience, i.e. Dairy Farmers…… Any thoughts?

Here was my reply:ezy milk

For finding your target audience, I would like to see you focus on YouTube and Facebook. I’m going to list some action steps you can do now with a little time and not much technical know-how.

LOVE your videos. They are stupendous. I may exaggerate here but they are really good. A few steps to make a bigger impact with them.

1. Watch your lighting: my post 5 Steps to Better Video can help (read #3)

2. Basic Information describing video in youtube: Here you will have to discover your keywords you want to own. It’s very unlikely your customers are searching for EZY Cups. Very few of your video titles have “dairy” or “cow” in them. Think of what your customers are actually typing into search engines. This is what you want in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Then end the title with “with EZYCups”. You know the lingo that dairy people use. Take advantage of it in your titles. example follows

basic info youtube setup
3. Tags: besides using your main keywords again, have one keyword tag that will be added to every video every time. This will move up your other videos on the list in the suggested column that appears on the right of all videos. Giving your other videos more prominence and click throughs.

4. Start every description with your website’s full URL. This helps with SEO and is a clickable link for viewers to follow.
(Yes, you should go back and make adjustments your past videos for steps 2-4)

With over 8000 likes, you have a great start. You get points for having a viewable URL in the about under your profile and posting your videos. Next steps.

1. Profile picture would like to see your logo or the words EZYMilk. So your posts are quickly identified as your business. Most won’t know what those objects are that you are using now.

2. Along with your business promotions posts, include posts about events in the dairy industry, reshare customers pictures of their farms, find dairy cartoons or jokes to share. Just become more active on Facebook. There are lots of dairy people on social media. You can definitely capitalize on it.

3. For your cover photo, I think you would make a bigger statement if you would show a picture of your products in use. I really can’t tell how your business can help my dairy with what you currently have as the cover.

I’ll quickly mention twitter. Looking at your past tweets, you are not using hashtags. This means only your followers might see your tweets. Add #agchatoz #nzdairy or #ausdairy to them. Then everyone following those hashtags will see your tweets also.

These are the steps I suggest for now. There is so much more that can be added in each section but that can wait. You may not need to do a whole lot more to reach the audience you are targeting.

Tell me: Would you give any other suggestions to Tim?

Real Reach

Let’s Get Real About Your Blog’s Reach

Many ag bloggers start a blog to tell the world about how food is grown. They imagine if they just post enough and are forthright enough that their blog will be read by anyone looking for their reach

I am going to be honest with you. It ain’t gonna happen. You might get a few people to stumble across your site and read a few passages. But these numbers aren’t enough to make a dent in what you were hoping for. These internet surfers don’t know you from Adam. They would have to return again and again to even start to trust and get to know you; which again is very unlikely.

Sure there are some popular farm blogs that have a large number of followers. But I am talking to the majority of you who aren’t there yet.

All Is Not Lost

Now that I have you down in the dumps and thinking about abandoning your blog; here is the good news. You can make an impact for the farm industry AND It’s much easier than you think. Are you excited yet?!

It is called…. wait for it….

Facebook. You might have heard of it. A quaint little social media site where you share things with friends and family. And I’m talking your personal account not a business/fan page.

The people on facebook already know, trust, and hopefully like you. So they are more open to what you have to say about food in general. You have your ready-made audience to educate about agriculture. This is where you can make a difference. If your personal facebook crowd is like mine: people from church, extended family in the bigger cities, just friends in general. Just about everyone I interact with on twitter is in ag. But not so on facebook. They are from all backgrounds and levels of knowledge about farming.

Plus 25% of my traffic to this site comes from facebook.

Bringin It Home

You might think that your target audience for your blog is anyone who eats food. But if you think on that more, it would be really difficult to actually accomplish bringing all the general public in. And not really feasible. So let’s focus on a group of consumers you already know and can have some influence with.

Stay active in the other social platforms but keep in mind where you should spend the majority of your time educating and talking about farming. If you are not on facebook yet. Join up and start connecting with all your friends and relatives that already are.

If you are making an impact on another platform, I would love to hear about it.



Facebook is Fickle

Facebook Badgesfacebook badges

I don’t know why but facebook likes to make helpful items a mystery to find. Then once you find it; they switch to something else. I just discovered their badges page that lets you add widgets to your sidebar or footer. I had a previous post that was similar to this but the process on that link sometimes doesn’t work. Facebook now has one page where you can pick which type of badge to put on your blog. Facebook Badges Here are the three different styles of widgets you might want to add to your site.

Profile Badge

Share your Facebook information on other websites. (personal facebook)

click profile badge–edit this badge– select layout & info–save–choose where to add badge (wordpress=other)–copy code

profile badge

Photo Badge

Share your Facebook photos on other websites. This badge is nice if you need to add some life to your sidebar or footer.

choose layout–save–choose where to add badge–copy code

facebook photo badge

Page Badge

Share your Facebook Page information on other websites. (your farm or business fan page)

click edit this badge–choose layout & items–save–choose where to add badge (wordpress = other)–copy code

facebook fan page badge


Which badge would work best for your blog?