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Farm Business Website – Potential Ag

Matt BoucherMatt Boucher was a featured farmer for his blog awhile back. I have asked him back to talk about his ag business website. Potential Ag

1. Why did you think you needed a website for your farm business?

That’s a great question.  My main reason to have a web site for my seed business is to increase communication and to covey accurate information quickly and efficiently to my customer base and beyond.  The seed business, especially during the growing season, is constantly changing and adapting to current conditions.  This site helps me keep my customers up to date and informed. Continue Reading

SEO Basics

Thanks for the guest intro, Janice at JanicePerson.comJPLovesCotton

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We are talking SEO basics in this podcast. Keep it simple and don’t worry about it too much.

1. Post frequently at least once a week. 2. Use keyword phrases 3. Title first 65 characters important 4. Meta Description first 150 characters in your post

5.Headings 6. Links 7. Site Speed 8. Rename Images


Links Mentioned:

Pingdom check your site’s speed keyword alternatives

Wordtracker free keyword tool

Simple backlink locations

People I mention:

Owd Fred blog posts to book

Kevin at

Iain at Marketing Your Farm

What do you want my next podcast to cover 1. site titles and taglines or 2 blog post ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Grandpa story at the end.


Why Start Your Own Website

Be Your Own Webmaster

start your own siteWell maybe not a master, but you can learn how to create a nice looking site for your farm or ag business on your own. “But I want my site to look professional”, you say. I completely understand. We’ll get there. Just stick with me.

Last time we talked about why you don’t want a static site. A blog makes a site dynamic. Dynamic = Good If that didn’t convince you maybe this stat will.

Businesses that blog have 88% more leads than businesses that don’t.

(source: Hub spot 2011) I gave most of the reasons why in the post Website or Blog.

Now I’ll go through the process I recommend for building your farm website.

1. Start free blog/site

I suggest wordpress over blogger.

  • a. When you are ready for a self-hosted site, the transfer of posts and information is easy.
  • b. You also will know the program and not have to learn a new blogging platform.

2. Learn how to blog and build your site

As I have said before, blogging is like playing the guitar. This is the time to learn the basics; publishing a post, adding images, building a sidebar, creating pages, ect. None of these elements are hard but they do take time and little effort to understand.

The good thing is you will be rewarded and there is help. Since you are using the free blogging service you are under no pressure to perform. These are the building blocks that will prepare you for the webmaster role of your ag business site. When you are ready go to the next step…

3. Move to self-hosted platform

Now that you know how to run your wordpress site, you are ready for the big time. Your own domain and fancy pants plugins. Does that sound like fun? Since you’ve done the previous work you deserve to give yourself this reward. With you can customize your site to best represent your business and show your professionalism.

I have to add here if you had not learned the basics you would have payed someone to create your site and then you would depend on them to make changes and additions that comes with more costs. If there is miscommunication, then more time is wasted in making the corrections. To me this just sounds like a big hassle when you are capable of doing it yourself.

The two options you have to creating your self-hosted site:

  • a. You learn how

There are a few steps to setting up your own website. It is very doable. Lord knows if I can figure it out so can you. But once it’s set up you are good to go. Start posting and creating pages just like you did in Plus there are free themes to choose from; so you don’t have to buy a theme.

  • b. Hire it done

Even though I have created my own sites, I have hired a professional to build my new farm website. This is a great option if you want to spend some money for a high quality site. After it is complete, you can take over the reins. This is also nice to have someone to work with if you want something specialized. You can hire it done and continue on publishing on your own. {remember any costs are a business expense}

You will have to decide on your own which avenue is right for you and your business. And YOU can do this. I had no formal training in computers. I did lots of searches, made mistakes and learned along the way. By putting regular steady effort into your website, you will be surprised how far you can come in a short amount of time.

Next I’ll go through the process of setting up your site to begin your journey to webmaster-hood. Then I’ll show you how to set up your own self hosted website for those who are ready to take that on.

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Blog Loaded With Humor

This weeks featured farmer is on a smaller scale than the other farmers high lighted on this site. It pretty amazing what all he packs into his acreage. Let’s see if he convinces you to add a few chickens to your operation.

1. Tell a little about you and your operation.

We’re a small farm (2 acres) where we grow sustainable vegetables and herbs organically. A blog loaded with humor, insight and pictures. We believe in Soulsby Farmsustainable farming from organic heirloom seeds and are strongly against GMO’s. We grow everything organically and let our hens free range around the garden (and sometimes the neighbors yard).

Last year we started a non-profit organization called Project Garden Share that helps connect individuals in need of food with people who grow gardens. If you can share some of your garden, please contact us and see how you can get involved!

2. What made you want to start your blog?

I love gardening and love writing so it seemed like an easy way to do both.

3. What has been the biggest surprise since you started? or something you didn’t expect:

I’m surprised how well the blog has been doing. When I started a year ago, I was hoping to get a 1,000 visitors a month. Now we get that much in a day (sometimes). I also didn’t really think there was a big interest in sustainable living/homesteading/etc… but I really think people want to get back to basics in their gardening and lifestyle.

4. What is your favorite post and why?

It’s a tie between Why Everyone Should Own Chickens and Let’s Build a Worm Farm

They’re my favorites cause they’re fun and they encourage people to try something they may normally never would have. The responses crack me up. I really get a kick out of making a difference in peoples lives I’ve never met.

5. Why do you think you have so many responses to your posts?

I think it has to do with my writing style. I write like a conversation and try to keep it fun and entertaining but informative at the same time.

Farm Blog:
Facebook: Soulsby-Farm
Project Garden Share: