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Write Down Your Farm Story

Will you let a single article sum up your farming heritage?

Someone tweeted a link to this article saying how proud of her family she was. And the lady should be proud. The article talks about the closing of a dairy farm and interviews the brother and sister who grew up milking cows by hand.

When I read it, I thought how sad if a single newspaper article were the only record of their family farm history. Yes, most families will have a few scattered pictures. But what about the stories. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our great grandparents would have kept a journal of everything that happened in their lives. Keeping a blog on your family farm will be such a tremendous blessing for generations to come.

4H Jersey Cow
My father-in-law showing his Jersey heifer at the fair, 1941.

When I see pictures of my grandpa farming, I wonder what he did for his daily chores. What were his struggles farming during WWII. How did he teach his sons to run the equipment. No one is around to tell those stories any more.

At my farm’s website, I don’t worry so much about unique visitors or page views. I’m writing for my kids’ kids.

I’m not overly concerned about advocating for agriculture. I’m telling future generations about their heritage.

So if I publish a popular post or someone from the city learns about farming from my site, that’s great. What is more important to me is that my grandchildren’s grandchildren can read the story about how their ancestors organized the harvest of a widow’s crops. Or the time we tried to save a favorite cow.

And that is one of the reasons I created this site. I try to make creating a blog or website easy for farmers to tell their story for future generations.

Really. How sad would it be to have a newspaper article be the only written record of your farm’s history.

Leave a link to where you’re keeping a journal about the story of your farm.