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Blogging is Like Playing the Guitar

How Blogging is Supposed to Be

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to an Ag Communications class at Missouri State University. I had a wonderful time talking to the students and viewing Blogging like learning the guitartheir blogs.  One topic came up that has stuck with me. It seems that all their blogs looked alike. At that time we discussed changing the theme to solve the problem. As I have come to think on this further, it’s kinda the way it’s supposed to be.

The Guitar Part

Think of it as learning to play the guitar. Everyone starts the same way. You have to learn the cords first. Every new player starts out sounding the same; making the same mistakes. They begin with the basics, practice. Those who stick with it improve and can sound amazing and impressive even.

Blogging is the same way. New bloggers have to learn the basics, make the mistakes, and practice to improve. Every blogger starts out the same. Those who have stuck with it have unique, impressive blogs.

What’s Important

I know it doesn’t sound sexy but don’t worry about how your blog looks just starting out. Focus on learning how a blog works and finding your voice. These two are so critical in earning your reader’s attention. Sure the aesthetics are important but readers will return for the content not how cute your header is.
Just like you can’t play guitar like Carlos Santana (famous guitar guy) the first time you pick it up; it’s going to take time to get your blog to where you want it to be.

What do you think? What are you focusing on right now?