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How to Resize Pictures

how to resize pictures

The size of your photos that you upload to your site is critical. If the file size is large this will

  1. Slow the loading time when visitors come to your site. Very few blog readers will wait around for images to load.
  2. Eat up your storage limit if you are using Blogger,, even GoDaddy’s site services (& most free hosting)
  3. Take longer to upload the images to put on your site.

So how do you resize your pictures?

To answer this question you must understand the difference between pixels and bytes. This won’t be complicated. I’ll tell you only what you need to know.

Pixels: the size on the screen in height and width.

Bytes: file size of the image in how much detail/information is saved in the individual file

After you are done editing your photo in your program of choice, then you export or save the photo. This is when you adjust the pixels and bytes of the saved picture. I use picasa for most of my editing. So I’ll use it as an example. The process should be similar to other editing software.

Generally resizing your photo to 800 pixels is enough adjustment. But if the original photo was very large, say 5mb and up, you will need to reduce the image quality (which just means the file size).  To see the file size of the saved picture, right click on it and select “get info” or “properties” or similar. Then make further  adjustments to the size as needed.

resize pictures

Basics of Resized Pictures for Websites:

Save photos that are 800 pixels wide or less. If you are going to use it as a smaller image, save with less pixels. When one number is given for the pixels, it applies to the width. The height is auto adjusted.

Save photos at around 150 kb. This will not affect the appearance of the image on a screen. [It will affect the photo if printed]

Find out about photo storage limits in Blogger and And with this new knowledge of pixels and bytes you should be all set to upload your pictures and not worry about reaching the storage capacity on your site.

Tell Me: Do you have more questions about resizing your pictures?

photo credit: The Farmer’s Life

Facebook is Fickle

Facebook Badgesfacebook badges

I don’t know why but facebook likes to make helpful items a mystery to find. Then once you find it; they switch to something else. I just discovered their badges page that lets you add widgets to your sidebar or footer. I had a previous post that was similar to this but the process on that link sometimes doesn’t work. Facebook now has one page where you can pick which type of badge to put on your blog. Facebook Badges Here are the three different styles of widgets you might want to add to your site.

Profile Badge

Share your Facebook information on other websites. (personal facebook)

click profile badge–edit this badge– select layout & info–save–choose where to add badge (wordpress=other)–copy code

profile badge

Photo Badge

Share your Facebook photos on other websites. This badge is nice if you need to add some life to your sidebar or footer.

choose layout–save–choose where to add badge–copy code

facebook photo badge

Page Badge

Share your Facebook Page information on other websites. (your farm or business fan page)

click edit this badge–choose layout & items–save–choose where to add badge (wordpress = other)–copy code

facebook fan page badge


Which badge would work best for your blog?