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Cheer On A Fellow Blogger

Last month I received this sweet email that really keeps me motivated to stick to this thing I do on the side.

Hi, Judi!  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know your site is so helpful to me!  I have spent a few hours reading it this last week, and I am just thrilled to have all this information in one, easy to navigate site.  As I am about to get my blog up and running, I figure your site has probably taken a good two months and a few grey hairs out of the process. 🙂

I married a beef cattleman about 8 years ago and I feel like I’ve been incubating this whole time – learning an industry, learning to laugh instead of cry – and now I’m about ready to hatch.  I have claimed privacy considerations, blogging research and writing an initial body of content as my delays to starting a blog over the past couple of months.  But, I’m just going to have to get over it, because your site and all the other great ag blogs I have found via your site have encouraged me to stop hiding and get started.

Keep up the great work!

Thank You, E.G. for the kind words.cheer on a blogger

I’m sure you are not alone in your suspended animation of blogging. There are other potential posters who just can’t seem to pull the trigger for one reason or another. Mostly I think it is fear. of rejection, or comparison or even success.

I have found just about everything I was so worried about; never turned out to be half as bad as I made it in my mind.

Hopefully, E.G., you will find a way to get past the fear and fire up that blog. You’ll find there will be lots of people to cheer you on. I bet once you get started; you’ll never understand what took you so long.

Come on in the water is fine!

Anyone else have some words of encouragement for E.G.?

Because of My Farm Blog

Start A Farm Blog

Now is the perfect time to start a blog. Generally farmers (in the Northern Hemisphere) are spending more time in doors. It’s a time of fresh starts and looking to the future. And keeping blog for your farm or ag business is a completely worthwhile venture.

Since I have some of the best featured farmers on the web, I asked them a simple question that would give some insight as to what their blogs have done for them. This is the first in a series of posts containing their responses to the statement…

Because of my blog…

Because of my blog I have a place to express myself and tell my story to others in any way I feel compelled to do so. There is a huge sense of Ryan Brightfreedom in composing with words, pictures, videos, and links to other sites. All of this makes it fun for me to relate to the reader what is happening on my farm or in agriculture news. You never know where your thoughts, writings, and compositions are going to take you. If I had not started blogging I would never have published an ebook, for instance.  Because of my blog I have made connections with people from not only the Unites States, but also around the world. And that is simply amazing. The Udder Side


Because of my blog..Soulsby Farm. I’ve been able to meet and discuss gardening and growing strategies with from people around the world. Meeting these people taught me about new plant species that will do well in my soil.


Because of my farm blog, I was chosen as this year’s Ag advocacy winner for the State of Idaho, with a special Idaho farmwifeluncheon with the governor in February 2013.  My blog also led me to become friends with a Farm Journal reporter who was able to fly out and write a story about our Dinner on the Farm which was featured in their November, 2013 edition.

So overall, my farm blog has helped me connect to many people throughout the State of Idaho and all over the country. Life of an Idaho Farm Wife


Feed Yard FoodieBecause of my blog…I see my cattle feed yard from many different perspectives.  While I obviously see it through my own eyes first hand, I also see it through the ” virtual eyes” of my readers as they offer feed back and ask questions.  This not only  makes me a better communicator, but it also makes me a better feed yard manager and animal caregiver.  I have come to internalize the saying, “no matter how good you are, you can always be better”! Feed Yard Foodie

Tell Me: What have you gained because of your blog?


Because of My Blog part 2

Because of My Blog part 3