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Help Your Ag Business Reach Target Audience

Tim at Ezy Milk sent me this message:

Hi Judi….. Love your enthusiasm and skills….. We just attended here in NZ.  After a year or so on the market, we KNOW we have a very successful product.   But, we are limited in our internet skills to reach a larger, targeted audience, i.e. Dairy Farmers…… Any thoughts?

Here was my reply:ezy milk

For finding your target audience, I would like to see you focus on YouTube and Facebook. I’m going to list some action steps you can do now with a little time and not much technical know-how.

LOVE your videos. They are stupendous. I may exaggerate here but they are really good. A few steps to make a bigger impact with them.

1. Watch your lighting: my post 5 Steps to Better Video can help (read #3)

2. Basic Information describing video in youtube: Here you will have to discover your keywords you want to own. It’s very unlikely your customers are searching for EZY Cups. Very few of your video titles have “dairy” or “cow” in them. Think of what your customers are actually typing into search engines. This is what you want in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Then end the title with “with EZYCups”. You know the lingo that dairy people use. Take advantage of it in your titles. example follows

basic info youtube setup
3. Tags: besides using your main keywords again, have one keyword tag that will be added to every video every time. This will move up your other videos on the list in the suggested column that appears on the right of all videos. Giving your other videos more prominence and click throughs.

4. Start every description with your website’s full URL. This helps with SEO and is a clickable link for viewers to follow.
(Yes, you should go back and make adjustments your past videos for steps 2-4)

With over 8000 likes, you have a great start. You get points for having a viewable URL in the about under your profile and posting your videos. Next steps.

1. Profile picture would like to see your logo or the words EZYMilk. So your posts are quickly identified as your business. Most won’t know what those objects are that you are using now.

2. Along with your business promotions posts, include posts about events in the dairy industry, reshare customers pictures of their farms, find dairy cartoons or jokes to share. Just become more active on Facebook. There are lots of dairy people on social media. You can definitely capitalize on it.

3. For your cover photo, I think you would make a bigger statement if you would show a picture of your products in use. I really can’t tell how your business can help my dairy with what you currently have as the cover.

I’ll quickly mention twitter. Looking at your past tweets, you are not using hashtags. This means only your followers might see your tweets. Add #agchatoz #nzdairy or #ausdairy to them. Then everyone following those hashtags will see your tweets also.

These are the steps I suggest for now. There is so much more that can be added in each section but that can wait. You may not need to do a whole lot more to reach the audience you are targeting.

Tell me: Would you give any other suggestions to Tim?

Blog On, Baby

No Comment

Literally, I am getting no comments. I’m not happy about it. And it can be quite discouraging to motivate me to create more posts. Where is the incentive? Isblog on anybody listening? I think many bloggers, especially newbies, feel this way at times. It can also be a big reason why bloggers quit posting altogether and abandon their sites. No one wants that to happen.

Encouragement for the Discouraged

So if you are not getting comments; what can you do to stay motivated and not feel so alone out there in the blogosphere.

1. Remember why you started your blog. 

Did you create your site for people to talk to you. Not likely. I wrote a post on Why Farmers Should Blog. One of those reasons might hit home for you. But I think most bloggers want to get their ideas out there and maybe even help people to understand where they are coming from. Maybe you could focus on the enjoyment of creating something worthwhile to you. Take pride in a nice looking site. Feel the sense of accomplishment and follow-through.

2. Track Your Blog’s Traffic

This is a great time to find out some stats on your site’s traffic. If you haven’t already, add some kind of counter to your blog. You will feel very lonely if you can’t see that you have had some visitors. The stats will let you know that some warm bodies have actually seen your blog, even if it is a small number. When you are feeling down about no one commenting, go to your stats for a little boost.

3. Be active in social media

If I had not been on twitter, I would not have received these two tweets (one from this morning) from two sweet people.

sweet tweets

They didn’t leave any comments. But boy do these types of contacts really put a spring in your step. And make you want to push on.

Thank you, Jennifer & Ryan.

You could say the same about facebook connections or google +. But you have to have skin in the game. You gotta be active or umm “social”.

Which takes me to the next point.


4. Comment on Other Blogs

While your lamenting the lack of post comments and wondering why people don’t say something, are you commenting on other blogs? ie.. Do unto others. The Golden Rule. How would you feel…? What goes around, comes around. That is all I can think of right now. I’m just as guilty of being a bad blog visitor as anyone though I am reforming my ways and have been commenting more. Oh, got another one: You’ve got to give to receive.

5. Keep Posting

The longer a blog is around and has continual updated content the easier it is to be found in search engines. So keep it up. Be sure you are making your posts search friendly and easy to navigate. Post interesting information that people want to read and throw in a little controversy from time to time for good measure. Also make it easy for readers to pass on with share buttons at the bottom of the post. This brings in more readers. Remember, don’t give up. Even if you let your writing lapse a little, start right back up again. No need to apologize.

Bonus tip: Contact Page – EVERY blog/site should have a contact page to make it easy for visitors to send you a message. Some people for many different reasons might not want to leave a comment but have something to tell or ask you. Make it easy for them or they will just move on.

Building a blog audience takes time.

Building an active audience takes even more time. So don’t give up. Keep this list in mind when you feel like packing it in because it seems like no one is paying attention to you. And if it makes you feel better, I’m not getting many comments either. But I’m going to Blog On!



5 Ways to Make Twitter Work For You

Tweeting Your Blog Poststwitter bird

After you put the time and effort into your blog posts, you want people to see it.  One way to get it in front of more readers is to tweet it out. Let’s look into a few simple steps to get the biggest bang for your blog post.

1. When & How Often

Research shows that tweets die after the first hour. Depending on who is watching their twitter feed in the hour you tweet, that tweet could end up in the black hole of twitterdom never to be seen again. Multiple tweets promoting your blog post is perfectly fine and necessary. Guy Kawasaki, internet marketing mogul, suggests retweeting a blog post link 4 times throughout the day imitating the repetition of news media. Personally I usually tweet my blog posts three times; morning, afternoon, evening, using Hootsuite‘s scheduling option. You could also try twice a day for two days.

Next to determine when to tweet. a very simple free program where after you type in your @ username it comes up with stats for the best time for you using your past tweets performances and activity of your followers. One other site I will mention is After signing up with twitter, request an account analysis that will email or direct message you the results for your optimum tweeting times. Patience is required for these free services. But they do give some insight. Here is my weekday chart for my best times to tweet from Tweriod:

WhenToTweet results (results take about 1 day):

when to tweet data

2. Hashtags

A hashtag is a word or phrase that starts with #. This catagorizes your tweets into topics that those on twitter are following. For example, you should be using the hashtag #agblog with your blog link. Those who are interested in seeing tweets about ag blogs will see this and usually click the link. You might also add what the blog post topics are such as #dairy, #farmlife, #corn ect. This is how you reach beyond your own followers to many other tweeps who have interests like yours which can lead to more followers.

3. Leave Headroom:

This is very important if you want your tweet to be retweeted or “RT” without being shortened or cut off. You are allowed 140 characters but leave enough space for a quick retweet that will add “RT @yourname”

4. Content

Just as your blog’s content is all important to attract readers, your tweet’s content is what will make or break the click through to your site. Your job is to entice the reader to want to find out what is in your blog post. Short, simple, tease headline-type tweets will work the best. Use a little imagination but stay on topic.

5. Check Link:

Finally check the link back to your blog. If it is copy/paste link make sure the whole link is copy/pasted. Double check the link that it is going where you want it to go. The link should go directly to the post, not the site in general. This could confuse the reader or require more clicks to get to the post. Don’t do that.

twitterfeedBonus: For those of you not interested at all in this tweeting-goodness, I offer up . If you have yet to understand the beauty that is twitter, TwitterFeed will tweet your blog post for you. On their help page you can read how to set up the automatic feed.

What did I leave out? Tell us about your tweeting experience & what works for you?




Twitter Follow Button

Make it Easy To Follow Youtwitter

This year twitter came out with a very helpful button that any blogger can use. Their follow button makes it so prospective followers can click follow without leaving your site. The traditional icon will open a new window taking the would-be follower to your twitter home page where they could click “follow”. But it is much more preferred to keep visitors on your blog. It will save the user a few steps and they still will be able to preview the profile before following.

It is super simple to add this widget to your blog. 1.Go to Twitter’s Add the Follow Button page. 2. Fill out the few boxes 3 Copy and paste the code into your sidebar. It will look like this

twitter follow pageDon’t miss a post. Sign up in the sidebar for blogging tips to be sent to your email.