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Website MakeOver

Time For A New Do

I hope you enjoy my theme update as much as I do. I had been wanting to update it for awhile for a couple of reasons. 1. The old theme was used for almost 3 years which is ancient in internet terms. It did what i wanted; like have lots of post info on the home page. But it was getting stale. 2. It was not a responsive theme. In other words it looked bad or was hard to read on mobile devices.

And this point was taken home when one of the first responses I received was a tweet that stated “Your blog looks great on my Iphone.”

I also like how this theme will give even more emphasis on featured content which happens to be the Featured Farmer category.

Lastly I can give posts extra life by making them sticky. So they don’t get lost in the updates.

I would love to get your input on the makeover. And how I can improve.