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Top Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make

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Blog Post Blundersbeginner blogging mistakes

Don’t feel bad. You don’t know what you don’t know. And we have all been there. Honestly, even the best and most experienced bloggers are still learning. So let’s get right to it. This will cover the most common mistakes I see new bloggers (even those who have been at it awhile) make in their posts. I believe this is extremely important because posts are the content which is the anchor to your blog. Other things like good design and consistency are critical also; but your posts are the reason people will subscribe to your blog.

Top beginner posting mistakes:

1. not setting permalinks: After clicking on your post title, does your URL end in something like /?p=123. Your permalink structure needs customized. Go to your dashboard under settings choose permalinks, select custom structure and paste /%postname%/ some bloggers like /%category%/%postname%/ if your categories are set up. Why do you need to do this? If your post comes up on a search, people will see your blog name and ?p=123. This tells them nothing about the post. They will click where they see the info they are looking for. Have your post titles available for the search engines to read. (This is also why the terms you use in post titles are so important.) Been blogging awhile? You might want to search how to create 301 redirects.

2. Using click here for a link: When creating a link do not use the words “click here”. Choose words that go with the link; such as the website’s name or specific subject. First this gives the reader information about where the link is going. Also it provides more specific terms that search engines prefer and can use.

3. Not key wording images: To give even more search engine juice to your post simply add your top search terms or key words to the image’s title and alternate text. If you change the name of the image file to the keywords, even better.

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4. Large Blocks of Text: Format the text of your post to make it easy to read. Please avoid large blocks of written text. You notice in non-fiction books and magazines they break up the text with excerpt blocks. I have seen many pro-bloggers go to short sentences with lots of short paragraphs. What I like to do is bold important phrases. Visually it gives eyes a rest and a place to focus. Headings and subheadings are good for dividing text and again for SEO.

5. Making it hard to comment or share: One of the best parts of blogging is receiving comments. So make it super easy for visitors to comment. I know you want to avoid spam but consider getting rid of any captcha boxes. It’s easy to delete any spam you might get but comments are hard to come by. Also offer at least the twitter and facebook share options. People like to share good content. Help them out.

6. Not linking internally: Yet another simple thing to do that makes a big difference to your blog SEO-wise. If you have written about a similar topic before link to it. You can also go back and add links to old post connecting new posts for complimentary information.

7. Unable to Contact: Add a way for readers to contact you by email. Visitors may wish to ask you questions that don’t necessarily have to do with a post. You never know when another blogger will ask you to guest post.

Can you add to the list?


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  • hulldairy

    Good information! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for all these tips! I’m still trying to get my new blog figured out and these are always helping me stay on the right track!
    <b><i><a href=>Where the Blacktop Begins</a></i></b>

  • Thanks for all these tips! I’m still trying to get the hang of my blog and these are always helping me stay on the right track!
    <b><i><a href=>Where the Blacktop Begins</a></i></b>

  • Thanks for all these tips! Being a new blogger, you are helping me stay on the right track!

  • Hey, there. Stopping by from Content Brew. Can I just say that if I was a farmer, I’d be all over your site. You have such great info. Even for a non-farmer like me, your blogging posts are super useful, and it’s so easy to navigate around your site. See you this week on FB for class.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I do need to work on my navigation. I love helping farmers with their blogging.

  • Thank you for this information!  I found it very helpful.

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