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Organize your blog posts for the new year.

Or anytime during the year. It doesn’t matter when you read this. The planner is ready for you to print out and use at any time. The updates make it even more user friendly.

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  • AMagicMama

    farmnwife Thank you Judi!!

  • farmnwife

    AMagicMama you are welcome

  • lampprpro

    JPlovesCOTTON Ooohh! Thanks for sharing! You’re a #rockstar! #agchat

  • TruffleMedia

    JPlovesCOTTON autographed too by farmnwife ? 😉 #agchat q7

  • jmheim33

    JPlovesCOTTON I started looking at that one today. The PDF can be edited, so I’m not planning to print. #agchat

  • JPlovesCOTTON

    jmheim33 GOod idea. I have tried a few digital w/o much success, so changing it up a bit. 🙂 #agchat

  • jmheim33

    JPlovesCOTTON I kept up with my last paper attempt for about a month. Then it just traveled in my purse for 3 months before I gave it up 🙂

  • JPlovesCOTTON

    jmheim33 I haven’t done paper anything in years! Decided to do a calendar for work & my blog (separately of course) for planning purposes

  • jmheim33

    JPlovesCOTTON whatever actually works is definitely the way to go.

  • farmnwife

    TruffleMedia JPlovesCOTTON I can’t take credit for it. Just passing the link on. 😀