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Update: Tubemogul branched out with their video upload service. It is now OneLoad; but it is basically the same.

This will save you time posting your videos. With Tubemogul Oneload, you upload your video once. Then it sends it to all your social media (youtube, twitter, facebook, linkedin, ect) for you. At youtube I always would get timed out and have to try again. Have not had that problem with Tubemogul.

After you have compressed your videos into smaller file sizes, upload them using Tubemogul Oneload.  Create your free account. The product you want to select is Oneload. Then fill out the rest of the signup. The rest is on the tutorial video below. Be armed with all your social media accounts’ usernames and passwords and save “this set of usernames and passwords”. So you don’t have to put them in again.
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