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2 very helpful links

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Nothing In Common But So What

Coming across these two links, I knew the information would be helpful to you. Here’s why:

This first link is what I would consider the definitive post on the different type of links. The article goes so much further than my series on links. Tom Schmitz search engin landalso answers some questions that readers have asked about link ups and directory links. He tells you which ones to avoid and which to search engines prefer.

What Everyone Should Know About Good, Bad and Bland Links


The second link is for wordpress users. You know when you are writing a post there’s that row of little icons above the text box. Have you ever wondered what those little images are for? My friend Craig Grella takes you through each one and shows the magic of the Post Editor. He’s the one who taught be about the Kitchen Sink icon. Thanks, Craig.

A Complete Guide to the WordPress Visual Post Editor

Please let me know what kind of blogging questions you have in the comments.


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