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11 Ways to Speed Blog

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Almost every blogger’s biggest obstacle to keeping up their website is the lack of time. But honestly what takes the most amount of time in blogging is setting it up. Once you have it started, maintaining and updating your blog doesn’t have to take that long. Yet reading the featured farmer guest posts, time is listed as the most common obstruction to blogging. So this post is for everyone that is short on time and but still wants to publish regularly to their site. I wouldn’t use these all the time. You should still write those longer meatier posts but these quick ideas can add variety when interspersed throughout your blog.

  • Youtube: This one is super fast and should be used sparingly but sharing a video that your readers would find entertaining or helpful can give your blog a boost till you can publish again. Be sure to post the video not just the link to it.


  • Press This/Blog This: These two are bookmarklets that you add to your toolbar. Once you come to a site, article or anything you want to comment on, click on the Press this button. A window will pop up where you can edit, assign to a category and save to your blog. Wham bam! you have a new post. Press This is for wordpress blogs. And Blog This is for blogspot blogs.


  • List Post: The list can be about anything but to make it a quick article write about something you know about without doing any research. List anything relevant to your niche that your readers would find interesting. wish list, how to list, favorite ___ list, best tips list


  • One Year Ago Today: If you have been blogging long enough, I find it interesting to go back and find post from a year ago or more to make comments on the event and show how your thinking might have changed since then and see things differently with the passing of time.


  • Quotes: This one seems to be popular right now. I think that’s because it is easy. If you do use a quote, make it an interesting one that few have seen.


  • Picture: If you come across or take a humorous/outrageous photo, save it for when you need a quick post and add “Caption This” or a fill in the blank sentence for your readers to add a comment to go with the shot. I did this with a funny picture of my husbands rear end sticking out of a baler. Now that is speed blogging. Super simple.


  • Explain an Old Farm Saying: There are tons of old farm sayings to choose from. Pick a few and explain the meanings. Pow! You have an automatic post or two. Use the idiom in the title for search engine optimization. I wrote a post titled Make Hay While the Sunshines. It gets hits all the time.


  • Review a product: To make this one speedy, write about a recent purchase you really love or really hate. The words will just flow.


  • Weather: The old farm stand by, go-to topic that is so ingrained to the ag psychy. I’m sorry but any farmer worth his salt can tell any meteorologist a thing or two about forecasting. So I know you can easily write a blog post about it.


  • Remember When: Recall a story from your past to share that made an impression on you, or stirs strong emotions, or was humorous.


  • On the Farm Roundup: Highlight all the interesting happenings since the last time you posted. There’s always something going on around the farm. Write about even what seems to be trivial for recordings sake.

The key point to speed blogging is to write about what you already know. You don’t want to take time searching for facts or information. The videos, pictures and quotes can be prepared ahead of time and kept in draft ’til you need to publish something quickly.

Which one of these speed blogging tips inspires you? Do you have more ideas to include?



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  • kelsieyoung

    I like these ideas. I am an agriculture communications major at Missouri State University and this year we have a new PR in agriculture class. We have started blogs, made short videos, and my usernames and accounts for social media sites are now on steroids as of two weeks ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I will be visiting you frequently about tips to keep me motivated and focused with ideas. Thanks for the help.

    • kelsieyoung

      Oh! And if you are board (because a farm and multiple blogs are not enough) check out my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Talk to you soon.

    • @kelsieyoung Thanks for stopping by, Kelsie. Feel free to ask any questions. and let us know what new things you learn in class.

  • I love the idea about the funny pictures – definitely going to be on the lookout for funny things to take photos of now! and getting readers to think of captions – brilliant.

    Also love the idea of farm sayings.

    Just shared this post on facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Lorna6 Thanks for the share, Lorna.

  • Some great tips there, especially at the end ‘write what you already know.’

    • @LauraC Yes, that could have been the whole post in one sentence; but I had to throw in some concrete ideas for good measure.

  • Farmerbright

    Just added the Blog This! to my browser. I always find something new and helpful here!

    • @Farmerbright Thanks, Ryan. I am using the Press This more often. So much good stuff out there.

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  • Found that on

  • I loved the idea of “Press this” and “Blog this”. I would say this has helped a lot. I would like to give you treat for this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Setting up takes the longest time in blogging. i totally agree with that.
    Thank you for the nice post. Greeting from Indonesia !
    Btw if you don’t mind i put a link of my blog here :
    A newbie with so much enthusiasm. ^_^

  • sarkari in

    “11 Ways to Speed Blogging”ย  must be right title. Using Infographics can also be use for quick blog posting.

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