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Where Is Your Website Going

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We spend lots and lots of time on our websites. But do we actually know our activities are bearing fruit? Are we just wasting our time? How can we accomplish our goals with our sites?

I think these are great questions that everyone should be asking. Let’s go beyond “Should I blog?” “How do I start a website?” “Should my business be online?”

I’m looking more towards the question-

How do I get my website to do what I want it to do?

Yes. That is what I want to know. That’s where I’m headed.

I have some sites, 4 or 5. Each have different purposes/goals. I’m going to test some things out on them and report on the findings here.

  1.  a personal blog that I run for my husband. He podcasts, writes, and periscopes regularly or daily.
  2.  our farm site We report on events and sell cattle and embryos.
  3.  my photography site- I edit photos for people
  4.  just started a t-shirt design shop on spreadshirt – just a side thing that sounded fun (even had sales)

If you are interested in the results or my findings to use on your own sites, sign up for the email list at the top of the page.

If you are not, that’s cool. Just unsubscribe. Not a problem.

I want to stop wasting time and get things done.

How about you?

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