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Why add a Blog to Your Website

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Your Website Needs A Bloggrow your farm site podcast

I discuss why you should put a blog on your website.

1. SEO

2. Personal Touch

3. Create Authority

Congrats to Jenny for her viral post 10 Ways Marring a Farmer Will Change Your Life

Ryan adds a follow up to mobile blogging.

Jan Hoadly is the guest intro from Slow Money Farm

at the very end I talk about updating my site. Got any ideas? let me know

First Farm Blog Contest
Update on Your Farm
Always Add Text To One Image In Every Post



  • Jennifer Dewey Rohrich

    Thank you for sharing my post!! The opportunities it has given me to be able to reach SO MANY women has been amazing and so inspiring! ūüôā

  • @Jennifer Dewey Rohrich You are very welcome. So excited for you.

  • Great job on the podcast. It isn’t easy at all to get started with something like that. I did one for a bit on another website then stopped because it wasn’t focused enough at the time.
    Keep up the great work. You rock
    Here a couple comments:
    I like how clean your website is. It’s not overcrowded with tons of stuff. However, the double navigation bars are a bit odd, but that is just me.¬†
    Also, I am curious as to why you don’t promote your email list a bit more? As a follow up question, what are your thoughts on farm websites using email lists.

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  • Judi
    I enjoyed the episode.  So much of your content is relevant to anybody thinking of building a blog and developing a website.  
    Looking forward to more tips and advice.


  • IpjRobson Thanks for the kind words. You are correct on the double navigation bars. The reason I did that was because I had pages and wanted readers to easily find blog posts that them. This is one of the things that will be changed in the make-over.
    I should promote my email list more but right now all that is sent out is new blog posts. Will work on it more this winter.
    I am all for farm sites using email lists but there has to be a purpose for them. What is the goal the site owner wants to accomplish. And there needs to be a compelling reason for the subscriber to join. In other words “what’s in it for them”.

  • farmnwife¬†IpjRobson¬†
    I know one new farmer who uses his email list to sell extra chickens from his CSA. 
    Another great example is informing your customers of what you will have at your farmers market booth. 
    That’s what comes to mind at least.
    Lead magnets are great. Not sure what would be good for a farm website. Recipe? Guide to x ? Tools that you use on your website?