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Why I’m A Blog Zealot

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My Blogging Passion Has a Purpose

Does anyone remember the fall of 1967? (stick with me) That was the year that my in-laws talk about as being the endless harvest. They finished late December which even back then was late. Then they helped a neighbor finish pick his corn in January. There are no pictures, nothing written down about working in the cold and snow. Nothing really to remember it except when grandpa talks about it.

Flash forward to fall of 2009. That year I buy my first green combine and decide to start a blog in its honor. Little did I know what was in store for our farm that harvest season.

First I had the joy of learning a new yield monitoring system of GreenStar. This one included GPS mapping. Completely frustrating. I find it hard to believe I had any maps at all to print that year.Farmers

I took my camera with me to the field every day and took some interesting pictures. One shot I did not take was of our neighbor, Terry, driving his Allis Chalmers tractor waving as he went by. No picture was taken because I didn’t know that was the last time I would see him. Two hours later he would be crushed in a tractor roll over delivering hay to another neighbor. I did document the organizing of the harvesting of his crops and all the farmers who came to help out. This is still so hard for me to think back on.

That fall wasn’t done with us yet.

The cool wet summer was leading into the wettest fall in remembrance. In October we had over 12 inches of rain which is usually one of the dryer months John Deere combine in snowhere. So harvest dragged on searching for least muddy fields. Stories of combines getting stuck were rampant. Then all we could do was wait for the ground to freeze to get over the fields. December brought harvesting in the snow. For my birthday William gave me a king size candy bar from Casey’s to celebrate. It was a miserable harvest that I don’t want to relive.

If I had not started the BigGreenCombine blog that year I wouldn’t have the pictures or the stories written down to show and pass on to my kids and their kids. That is what blogging is for me. It’s sharing our family farm legacy to future generations. That is what I am passionate about.



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