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wordpress storage limitAfter surviving the labyrinth of information about blogger’s storage limit, it is a relief to report on’s limits.

Simply put, those using have 3GB to store their photo files on their site. Pretty straight forward.

To see how much storage you have used, go to your dashboard — click Media — Library. Your current usage and percentage will be listed at the top.

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Like my blogger suggestions, you can significally reduce the speed you use up your limit by reducing the file size of your photos in your editor. For most bloggers 150 to 300kb file size should be the numbers to reduce your photo’s size to.

You should be able to get 84,000 photos that are 300kb in size with in the 3gb limit.

And there is no need to upload pictures that are wider (pixels) than your main content column. Depending on the theme the photo will extend outside the column making it look bad.

Here is a list of most of the themes that lists how wide the content columns are for each theme.   This will let you know how many pixels to edit your photos to.

If you are close to 100% of the limit, you have two options

  1. Purchase space upgrade which is per year
  2. Use a photo hosting site: Photobucket  after photo is loaded to photobucket copy direct link by clicking the field. At your site Add Media — insert from URL — paste into top field — make edit preferences — insert into post

Tell Me: How much of your storage have you used?

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